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Free and easy to use VPN App for IOS and Android. Our VPN App does not have any usage limits. Gain secure, private and unrestricted Internet access – automatically. Now available wherever you are in the World. Create a secure internet connection back to the UK and other countries allowing you to view all online content which is usually unavailable. BA VPN Free app is available on all Android and Apple devices through the associated appstores. You can be enjoying online VPN security within minutes.

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Access Blocked Sites

Say goodbye to restrictions and access all your favourite sites from anywhere in the world. Do you want to watch Sky TV in Spain, BBC iPlayer in Singapore or Netflix in South Africa? BA VPN offers the very best in Entertainment access wherever you are in the World.

Surf Privately

Hide your location and personal information to prevent websites from tracking. Be free from surveillance by creating a secure, super-fast web tunnel from your device to our UK servers. Beat the Cyber Criminals with the easiest VPN service.

Secure Your Internet

Protect yourself form hackers, cyber scams, snoopers and government monitoring. By-pass all firewalls access the content you would like to safe in the knowledge that your personal information is protected. BA VPN for security online.

Browse the Internet Without Boundaries

An ultra-fast and super simple VPN service for all your needs.

We have a massive network of global VPN servers optimised for fast, secure connections. Unlimited bandwidth and we guarantee that there will be no throttling of your internet. Set up can be done in a few minutes by downloading the app. This means that we are able to offer the simplest , quickest VPN solution. You can stream or download anything. Use the internet without restrictions. We operate without any data retention laws, and don’t have any activity or download logs. We guarantee our service to be the most secure on the market. Protect yourself from hackers and surveillance with the the very best VPN service. Here’s the best part…it’s FREE! 

How can a VPN help me?

A virtual private network or VPN extends a private network across a public network. This then allows users to communicate data across shared or public networks like the internet.If you need an affordable yet premium service VPN look no further than our top-tier VPN service.BA VPN is the best VPN providers for Streaming, Anonymity & Security. Why bother going to comparison sites, simply go direct to BA VPN?Learn more about the benefits and features of our VPN. Protect your network from third parties, stay anonymous, and access any content you want on the Internet.Not all VPNs are great. Check our reviews on the apple and android appstores.

Easily understand what a VPN is here.

  • Helps you avoid censorship blocks
  • Hides IP address
  • Doesn’t give away your physical location
  • Encrypts data communications between a device and the VPN server
  • No logging of browsing activity
  • Allows you to access popular streaming services like Netflix and YouTube from other countries

Benefits of VPN

Enjoy the benefits of VPN within a few minutes. BA VPN is the top choice for encrypting your WiFi connection.How does a VPN protect me?Simply put this hides your IP address and physical location.You use the IP address and physical location of the VPN server. This does not expose your personal information.BA VPN does not log your browsing activity or history. Almost all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK track your browsing history. This means that when you use BA VPN, there is no record of the apps, services or websites you have visited or  use. AS an additional security this prevents hackers from gaining access to your information.Your data is encrypted between your device and the VPN server. No hacker can intercept or decipher your data.

Download BA VPN for any operating system: Windows (7 or above), mac, Android, iOS and many more. Service can be used with computers, smartphones, tablets, routers and even gaming devices such as PlayStation and XBox.
A virtual private or proxy network (VPN) offers online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network or tunnel from a public internet connection to your own device. VPNs mask or disguise your internet protocol (IP) address so your actions whilst online are virtually untraceable. 
VPN, or virtual private network, is one of the smartest ways to protect your online privacy and maintain your data security. 
Protect your personal files and data, keep your browsing private and disguise your location with one of the most secure and best VPN. Make Life difficult for hackers and snoopers.

Download today on Apple device or Android.

Easy-to-Use VPN Apps for All Your Devices

Instantly enjoy sleek and seamless VPN apps for iOS and Android. We’ve designed our apps with you in mind for a flawless experience. All it takes is a single tap or click and you can access an unrestricted, anonymous Internet in seconds! Protect your internet the quickest and easiest way. A VPN is the most useful way to secure your devices for you and your Family.

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Incredible Speed and Unlimited Streaming

Browse with lightning-fast connection speeds — wherever you are. Connect to BA VPN’s global, high-speed servers and surf the web free of throttling, download caps or bandwidth limits. We manage our own VPN network and write our own code to provide you with the fastest, experience possible. BA VPN sets the bar when it comes to download speed. Using BA VPN will usually yield higher download speeds and faster services than other VPN providers. This service offers the next layer of speed and security online.  

Superior Bank-Level VPN Security

Secure your personal and private data over any connection. With our 256-bit bank-level encryption, Automatic Wi-Fi Security and proactive VPN Kill Switch, you can be sure that your data always passes through a secure and private channel — safe from the grasp of snoopers and hackers. BA VPN gives you the tools you need to protect your network. This securely managed VPN allows users to access a private network and share their data remotely. In a similar way to how a Firewall protects your PC, VPNs give you online protection.

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With BA VPN, You Get:

Unlimited Speed

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bank-Level 256-Bit Encryption

Easy-to-Use Apps for Every Device

Zero Traffic Logs

24/7 Customer Support