Base VPN Router

£7.00 / month and a £25.00 sign-up fee

  • By Passes All Firewalls
  • Online security for all devices in your home
  • Plug and Play (already pre configured)
  • Full Online Support
  • Fast, Secure VPN Service

Base VPN Router from TP link

Best for Torrents, IPTV and online anonymity. Doesn’t work with BBC or Netflix. A basic router works great wherever you are in the World.

Customers can take advantage of this great value yet fast, secure , quality router which is designed specifically for streaming great online content on all devices in your home.  By Passes all firewalls and will give great access to content you would like to view, securely anywhere in the World.

Protect your home network with a Pre-Configured BA VPN Router or go for the Premium BA VPN Service offering full 24/7 support.   Now you can order the very best in VPN products and services Take a look at our great simplified VPN products.

Benefits include:

  • Lightening Fast Speeds
  • Email Support 24/7
  • Full Data Encryption
  • Easy Connection
  • Works on all major devices in your home
  • Simple to use interface on all of our products
  • Doesn’t store connection logs
  • Variety of server locations
  • No Bandwidth caps on data

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